Due Diligence: You're Thinking of Investing in Phorm?

Phorm are presently (December 2016) subject to winding up proceedings in the US. Their nominated advisor has quit, their shares have been delisted from London's AIM markets.

Their UK subsidiary, Phluid Media, is subject to a High Court compulsory liquidation order in the UK.

But before you rejoice...its not over yet. Phluid Media are still registered as 'active' by Companies House in the UK. And unfortunately, Phorm & various other subsidiaries remain  listed on the Company Register in Singapore, albeit non-compliant for want of annual returns & accounts. Various other subsidiaries are still listed in Delaware.

The compulsory liquidation in the UK should lead to an investigation and a report by the Official Receiver. I hope that document will explain how a bunch of thieving spyware criminals were allowed to covertly intercept global communications, operate a huge industrial espionage scam,  burn through almost half a billion dollars, and yet escape any prison sentence for their organised crime.

Please. Don't invest in Phorm.


Protect your right to privacy, security, and integrity in personal and commercial data communications. Stop Phorm.