Server Side Countermeasures for Web Masters.

Phorm's parasitic Webwise product copies your confidential and private communications, duplicates your copyright content, uses your text to profile your users, promotes your competitors, and assumes you will give them implied consent.

Here are some ideas to help protect your site from industrial espionage, fraud, and copyright theft.


Overview and Intro
SSL Encryption


Denial of RIPA Consent

Apache htaccess Blocks
PHP Deny Blocks

Warning Banners
Phorm Check API

Protect your right to communication privacy, security, and data integrity.
Protect your valuable web site content.
Stop Phorm.


The ideas below are obsolete and ineffective, but retained for historical interest;

Server Dephormation
Phorm Speed Trap
Phorm Cookie Test

Javascript Tripwire
Catch 22 Test

Cookie Rewriting
Cookie Tripwire