General Information

If you need a quick oversight, the InphormationDesk is the first place to go. Or look at for a comprehensive FAQ. 

There's an excellent review of the legality of Phorm Webwise on


For TTNET Customers (Turkish Language Resources) ... Phorm Go Home!

Phorm da Kim? TTNET Bizi Fişliyor mu?


Sir Tim Berners Lee

Sir Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) has written some excellent notes on the issue of DPI and web snooping .



The respected BadPhorm is the best place to find structured info and analysis.

For more campaigning against deep packet inspection technology, and legal opinion, NoDPI is where you need to be.

BT Customers have posted many questions to BT, and received few answers, see here;

Fortunately, the regulars over there are very friendly and helpful. If you post outside the threads quoted above, your post will likely be deleted, and you may even receive 'warnings' from BT moderators.

Update 19/11/08; BT have now deleted all of the above threads, and now refuse to allow the topic of BT Webwise to be discussed.