The 'Phorm is like Google' Hoax

Phorm and their associates claim that Phorm technology is similar to Google, or even hint that Google is worse.

It's nonsense. Here are three good reasons why;




1. Snooping

Phorm intercepts your communications using Deep Packet Inspection  (DPI) technology. Phorm can observe every page you view, as though looking over your shoulder.

Google collect data about your search queries, and your voluntary use of other services such as Gmail or partner web sites. Google cannot get access to your internet connection.

2. If you browse the web

You cannot avoid Phorm unless you switch ISP. If you block the Phorm OIX domain, you won't be able to surf the net. If you retain a Phorm opt out, your traffic must still be examined to determine whether you are opted out.

Google provide a search engine, and other popular services. You are free to use (or ignore) those services. You can block Google tracking cookies and URLs if you wish, and still surf the net as normal.
3. If you run a web site

Phorm is industrial espionage. Phorm do not reveal their presence to the operator of a web site. Phorm  exploits the private communications of web sites, to profile visitors and promote competitors. Phorm create Phorged cookies.

Phorm take traffic away from your web site.

Google make an identifiable request for content. They provide free promotional listings in Google search results.  Google cannot create fake cookies.

Google brings traffic to your web site.

That's not to suggest Google's methods are a panacea. Both firms business practices leave much to be desired. But at least with Google you have a choice. But Phorm, why would you?


The essence of Google's success is customer focussed services. Google cannot intercept your communications.

Phorm examines the entirety of your communications, whether or not you consent.

You have no visibility of the resulting data they will hold about you. And you are being asked to trust a company with alleged links to malicious software, who have tested their software in secret in 2006 and 2007 on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting BT customers.


Why would you?