Articles about Phorm and Deep Packet Inspection.

Various articles describing the background to the Phorm affair, the origin of data communication privacy, how Government policy could be enhanced to protect private communications, the hoaxes that Phorm use to market the Webwise system, and technical analysis of Webwise.

About Phorm
Webwise Discover: An Assessment

History of Communication Privacy

Government Policy Recommendations

The Labour Government, Prime Ministers, Phorm, and Corruption
'Opt In' Hoax

'Anonymity' Hoax

'URL History' Hoax

'Privacy Enhancement' Hoax

'Ad Funded Internet' Hoax

'Just like Google' Hoax

'Internet is Broadcast' Hoax

Protest: BT AGM 2008

Protest: ICO Conference 2009

UID Cookie Analysis

'In Quotes'

Phorm's Unanswered Questions

APComms Inquiry Submission


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