Department for Innovation, Universities, and Skills - Freedom of Information Requests


In a letter to my MP Baroness Shriti Vadera said "The detailed points [Dephormation] makes in his letter are matters for the Police, the Information Commissioner, the communication regulator Ofcom, the Home Office, and the Intellectual Property Office at DIUS. All of whom are already engaged on the issues raised by Phorm".

I asked DIUS for the resulting interdepartmental correspondence, and all correspondence with BT/Phorm.

Personal Conclusions

After a prolonged delay, two complaints to the Information Commissioner, I'm told (in effect) Baroness Vadera was wrong.

First Formal Disclosure (January 2009)

After complaining about DIUS to the ICO, twice, I finally received a response. But a response with nothing to say; no correspondence with BT/Phorm, no interdepartmental correspondence.

So quite what Baroness Vadera considers the role played by DIUS/UK IPO to be, I have no idea. If this disclosure is correct, it was simply a timewasting misdirection. And I'm still waiting for BERR to answer my internal review requests.

There was a single  letter from Kim Worts;

FoI Response, Covering letters (138Kb)

FoI Releases (Reverse Chronological Order)

I sent an FoI request to DIUS on 17 October 2008 asking for correspondence items relating to Phorm.

Sadly, it wasn't even acknowledged, let alone answered within the FoI deadline.

I'm awaiting a response to a complaint; if there's no prompt response I will contact the Information Commissioner's Office.