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Phorm's technology goes by a variety of names; RomDiscover/Navegador/SmartWeb/Webwise... but the same general advice applies in every case.

There is only one effective way to avoid Phorm... immediately move your account to an ISP that respects the privacy, security, and integrity of your personal & commercial communications.

You need an ISP who can offer you a safe, secure, trustworthy, and private internet connection.

"The message has to be this: if you care about your privacy, do not use BT, Virgin or Talk-Talk as your internet provider"
- Professor Ross Anderson, Cambridge University, UK (source)

"I would want to use an ISP that doesn't [monitor which websites I go to]. I personally want to feel free."
- Sir Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (source)


Don't participate in trials.

You may find it difficult to remove Phorm's UID cookies and Flash LSOs if you later change your mind. You will not be able to revoke data that has been shared with Phorm.


Do not rely on Dephormation to protect your privacy and security.

Please note Phorm are not funding or facilitating the development of this software.

Phorm have never published technical information about their trials. Though Dephormation add on will keep step with all new developments, there can be no guarantees. Do not rely on browser add ons for long term privacy or security protection. You need a Phorm free ISP.

BT customers in the UK can call either of these numbers 0800 800 030/0800 328 6738, get a MAC code, and leave BT.

Full details of the migration procedure are available here. You should issue BT with a DPA Section 11 Notice .

Note that UK regulators like the Police, ICO, Home Office, even Parliament have done nothing to protect people involved in illegal trials in 2006/07.


For more information...

Visit the, or look at for a comprehensive FAQ..



Protect your right to communication privacy, security, and data integrity.
Protect your valuable web site content.
Stop Phorm.