A Black Day

Today (14 October 2009) is a black day for democracy, justice, privacy, freedom, and UK telecommunications.

The Crown Prosecution Service have been reviewing evidence against BT and Phorm for over a year, following Alex Hanff's complaint in October 2008 (case ref. 5253/08).

In that time the CPS have been silent. No one has been arrested, prosecuted, or jailed for intercepting the private personal communications of hundreds of thousands of BT internet users... and the confidential commercial communications of the thousands of businesses and organisations that served them.

In fact, no police force, no regulator, and no politician has acted to protect UK telecommunications from illegal mass communication surveillance.

Please, send the CPS lawyers (Mr. Rene Barclay and Mr. Andrew Hadik) an anniversary card, let them know we haven't forgotten.

Please, sign the petition to Number 10 Downing Street.

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