"In Quotes"

Vivane Reding, European Commissioner

"People's privacy and the integrity of their personal data in the digital world is not only an important matter, it is a fundamental right, protected by European law." (source)


Sir Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Director of the World Wide WebConsortium

"The Internet in general has and deserves the same protection as paper mail and telephone" (source)

"What's at stake is the integrity of the internet as a communications medium. It's important there should be no snooping on the internet." (source)

"I would want to use an ISP that doesn't [monitor which websites I go to]. I personally want to feel free."  (source)

"I am embarrassed as a British citizen that this is happening while the US has drawn a very firm line to stop this." (source)

"To allow someone to snoop on your internet traffic is to allow them to put a television camera in your room - except it [web snooping] will tell them a whole lot more about you than the television camera" (source)

"The power of this information is so great that the commercial incentive for companies or individuals to misuse it will be huge. It is essential to have absolute clarity that it is illegal."  (source)

"It's mine - you can't have it. If you want to use it for something, then you have to negotiate with me. I have to agree, I have to understand what I'm getting in return."  (source)

"It is very important that you can use the internet without a thought that, when we click, a third party will know what we clicked on in a way that might affect how our insurance premium changes, whether we can get life insurance, or another job" (source)

"I don't have a problem with behavioral advertising; I think it's an improvement, but there are so many ways to do it without ISPs snooping" (source)

"That sort of snooping [web communications] is really important to avoid" (source)

"The web is a basic human right; like clean water" (source)

"Constantly living with the fear of someone knowing what you're watching, what questions you're asking, I think is very degrading" (source 18:40)


Professor Dame Wendy Hall, DBE, FREng Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK

"There are lots of good reasons why companies and government want access to our data but there are huge downsides to that. This debate is about our digital lives. It is about who we are, what we are interested in and what is private to us."  (source)

"Snooping on the internet is akin to opening our private letters. Monitoring our conversations on the internet, through social network and other sites, is akin to tapping our telephones" (source)


Professor Ross Anderson, Cambridge University, UK

"The message has to be this: if you care about your privacy, do not use BT, Virgin or Talk-Talk as your internet provider"  (source)


Baroness Sue Miller of Chilthorne Domer

"We must come to terms with the cynical reality that, unless Parliament does something, business will ride roughshod with internet users' data. Our privacy laws are outmoded and uncoordinated, completely unsuited to the competitive commercial environment that is developing on the internet."  (source)


Jim Killock, Director Open Rights Group

"This is not how consent should work, and a system that 'pesters' users into opting in is in our view an illegitimate attempt to substitute acquiescence for consent, whereas nothing but consent is acceptable."  (source)


Simon Davies, Director Privacy International

"I condemn Phorm, Audience Science and all their ilk as a blight on privacy. Any hope I once had of influencing them for the better was a gross misjudgment."  (source)



"O CGI.br recomenda a não adoção deste tipo de ferramenta e assemelhadas por nenhum provedor de acesso à Internet no País."  (source)


Benjamin Franklin, inventor, journalist, printer, diplomat, and statesman

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  (source)