Dephormation CSRF Test Page (UK Version)

This page contains an image link (which will appear broken in your browser) which will opt you into Phorm. These tests are based on the UK trials in 2008. The cookie setting domain used was

The CSRF links were captured during the preceding 2008 trials of Phorm, and may be obsolete. They are retained for reference and historical interest.

After completing this test you may wish to inspect your cookies. If you have Dephormation installed, after navigating away from this page, you should find you are immediately opted out of Phorm.

Opt in CSRF Test

(expect to see a broken link)

The following links will take you to third party sites outside the control of We accept no responsibility for these sites;

BT Webwise Opt Out Link

BT Webwise Opt Out Page

Webwise Opt Out Link